When you have intelligent, creative and passionate people working in a team, results could be surprising and possibilities endless.

Global One offers you plenty of opportunities for your personal and individual growth. We create innovative, sensible and motivating surroundings where everyone should feel comfortable and pleasant. Self-confidence, simplicity and speed are virtues we highly appreciate and adequately reward. Our task is to create opportunities and meritocracy. We are most direct, honest and open in our communication. We want to be a team with the best players, either in the technical or sales department, finances or administration.

We need people who think creatively, act with initiative and find new solutions every day. If you see yourself as a member of our team, do not wait for a job ad. It is always there for the best ones. Welcome to the Global One!


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If you want further to develop your professional career than we are the right address for you. We are fully aware of the fact that all companies are actually the people. To develop a company means to work on the prosperity of the people who work for the company.

In that case Global One offers you a range of possibilities for improvement through external and internal seminars given by the best of lecturers as well as through permanent engagement in important projects throughout the world. In our everyday work we come across new challenges, new cultures and new markets.

We constantly move forward and try to pass the energy to people and environment. Changes do not frighten us, so we search for new solutions. We do not care how much we work, but how well we do what we do. We celebrate our small and big victories trying to establish life harmony.

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You have just graduated from college and you are on the crossroad of life: „Where and how to go next?“. You do not have work experience and there are no good offers. What you feel is passion and boundless energy which you want to canal through your future work. You appreciate goals set clearly, constant performance measurement, movement, traveling, flexibility, changes, advance and celebration of every business achievement.

What you posess is creativity, initiative, and personal resposability. You are flexible and you want to make work simple. You are constantly looking for a way to make things done better and faster. You feel excitement whenever life brings new challenges.

Global One constantly searches for people like you. We trust in people we work with, we are proud of each other and we honestly enjoy in every day spent with each other. Make a part of your dreams come true with us!

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You are still studying and you want to put your theoretical knowledge together with real, practical experience. You feel ready and willing to invest part of your time into your own future. You belong to Y generation and you do not show much respects towards conservative companies. You want to find your place with those who think in a progressive way, just like you. Speed, agility, flexibility and adaptability are just some of the features you possess.

Using IT technologies as well as speaking several foreign languages are your natural tools. You have ideas that take a lot of courage to implement. You perceive the world as a unique place for life, offering a lot of opportunities, no matter where you are.

Global One offers young people like you an opportunity to have first professional experience through maximum engagement of 10/h a week, with full-time or part-time studies.

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